A welcome address by the founder

When I founded Le-tehnika in 1989, a privately owned property at that time was not a known category in the country. Today I can say that stability and success of the company is a consequence of three main factors in a contemporary company: a strong engagement to our clients, an extensive range of products and building a long term relationships all over the world.

At the beginning, as self employed, Le-tehnika has been expanding its production from one single product in 1989 into an international company. We offer a whole palette of products from different business fields: lighting, cryogenics, telecommunication & networking, hydraulics which we produce and other technical products for which we offer support.

In 1998, my wife and I were selected for »The Entrepreneur of the Year«, which is proclaimed by the magazine Podjetnik (Entrepreneur). In 1999 we have received a recognition for »Excellence in Business Management«, which was proclaimed by the International Institute Deloitte Tohmatsu in Vienna. The same year we received »Award for Exemplary Business and Entrepreneurial achievements« selected by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. All the prizes are a result of a persistent hard work, which benefits in an attractive ratio between price and quality. All together has reflected in a rapid growth in sale to foreign markets.

The sale to foreign markets presents today nearly 80% of the overall sale. We can say proudly, that among our partners are very distinguished companies from different fields.

Our company’s focus is on R&D department, developing new products and new technologies.

Don’t hesitate and contact us! We’ll make sure to provide you the best possible solution for your needs!

Drago Lemut (Founder)