Business units

Synergistic effects and product life-cycle is the principal reason for our occupation in four main sphere of activities, which we supplement with a minor production and sales activities in other fields of business.

:: Luxtella LED lighting

Le-tehnika is the owner of Luxtella brand of LED lighting products mostly used in street lighting. Products are optimized for long lifetime and excellent price/performance ratio and thus lowering the carbon emissions. We have sold our LED lighting products to over 60 countries around the world.

:: Cryogenics

In 2001 Le-tehnika took over CRYOREF, a company with 20 years of experience in cryogenic technology. Today Le-tehnika is specialized in manufacturing miniature cryocoolers, which are used in civil (sensors of air purity, gas leakage, steel production) and in military and defense purposes (components of navigation and radar systems). Our cryocoolers program is based on Joule-Thomson and Stirling system.

:: Telecommunication & Networking

We are one of the leading company in production of telecommunication accessories equipment. The products are a result of our own research achievement and the final production stage. Some of the components are manufactured by our local cooperators or by our cooperators abroad. The most important products in telecommunication field:

  • ADSL microfilters and splitters for POTS and / or ISDN lines. We are offering versions for almost all world standards (Italian, Belgian, Switzerland, Turkish,…).
  • Telephone adapters and extension cords in all possible combinations adjusted to all telecom standards (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Finland, Norway, USA ….).
  • Overvoltage protectors (terciar) for telephone (ISDN and POTS) end electrical lines.
  • Wall sockets for RJ and some European national standards.
  • Patch cables and USB cables.
  • Modular plugs (RJ11, RJ45, with insert,…) modular jacks (different types)
  • Testing equipment for POTS and ISDN lines and other tooling for crimping, stripping and cutting the telephone cables.
  • Telephones

We also offer products, which are supplements to the telephone accessories: travel adapters for electrical (universal socket – national plug standard).

In overall we offer 300 different products in app. 4.000 variations. We are also engaged in OEM production for our biggest clients.

:: Hydraulics And Pneumatics

This sphere of activity became our strategic business unit in 1995.
The most important products in hydraulics and pneumatics:

  • Different hydraulic solutions (stationary, mobile)
  • Production of hydraulic cylinders with the capacity up to 10.000 per year
  • Manufacture of flexible hydraulic hoses

Beside our own production we also distribute hydraulic pumps, hand and electro valves, hydromotors and other hydraulic accessories (filters, tubes, pressure gauges, adapters, fittings, flexible hydraulic hoses) and pneumatic components (cylinders, service units, pressure gauges, valves, hose couplings, fittings and connectors,…).