Sinoslo Technology SIP Co., Ltd  was founded on May 28th 2002 as the first Slovenia production company in China. With 3 investors from Slovenia (Le-Tehnika , Iskra Mehanizmi , Iskra Zascite) it is a Slovenian joint venture and under the Chinese law a wholy foreign owned company.

Business scope of the company is related to the business scopes of it’s parent company.

Sinoslo Technology is a production company engaged in producting various electrical and mechanical components. It’s goal is to bring exceptional products from Slovenia to Chinese market.

All three parent companies are quality driven companies and have proven to be able to produce products with high scale of innovations, precision, desigh and quality control.

LE-TEHNIKA – development, production and sales of telecommunication components,adapters, connectors and production of hydraulic and pneumatic components.

ISKRA MEHANIZMI – production of household appliances for philips;development and production of electromechanic pulse-and time-meters and counters,small synchronous and stepper motors,components for automobile industry and systems for electromechanical displays for buses and trains.

ISKRA ZASCITE – development and production of telecomunication equipment and lightening protection systems for power supply and telecommunication systems.