On 1 June 2002 the foreign minister of Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Dimitrij Rupel, and the economic delegation accompanying him on his official visit to China, visited the company Sinoslo Tech Ltd., which is being opened in China by the Slovene companies Le-Tehnika, Iskra Mehanizmi and Iskra Zaščita. Dr. Rupel and the delegation first met representatives of the Suzhou Industrial Park (770 foreign companies are active in the park and the city of Suzhou ranks among the top nine world high-technology centres according to the professional journal criteria), where Sinoslo Tech Ltd. operates. Sinoslo Tech Ltd. obtained operating permit a few days ago and is thus the first company set up in China with Slovene investments only. The company will be run by Anzej and Urša Lemut.

The Slovene flag was raised in Suzhou industrial park to mark Dr. Rupel’s visit, and Dr. Rupel expressed his hope that the successful operation of Sinoslo, which is an exemplary model of joint ventures by Slovene companies abroad, will encourage other Slovene companies to move into the rapidly developing Chinese market. This joint venture was encouraged by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the Embassy of Slovenia in Beijing. Sinoslo Tech Ltd. will produce telecommunication connections, information systems for buses and excess voltage protection systems. At the meeting with the Mayor of Sazhou, Yang Weizei, Dr. Rupel thanked Mr Weizei and representatives of the industrial park for the support they granted to Sinoslo company. He expressed his hope that cooperation will continue and further strengthen.

Dr. Rupel departed for Seoul today where he will meet the Korean foreign minister Choi Sung-Hong tomorrow and attend the Slovenia-Spain match as the official representative of the Slovene government.